Oil Drain Parts

Features of Northstar new self-evacuating portable oil drain
* Model: SE-POD-21
* Drain vehicle waste oil and use shop air to quickly evacuate waste oil from tank to bulk waste tank
* Easy to assemble, ready to use in minutes
* Large 21 gallons capacity
* Large 21" diameter steel bowl makes an easy target
* Unique shape of drain holes in bowl allows waste oil drain quickly
* Waste oil pad in bowl prevents waste oil spilt
* Positive height adjustment makes funnel easy to position
* Tamperproof air regulator
* Preset pop-off valve for added assurance
* Pressure gauge included
* Connect air supply using the quick connect coupler
* Special check valve design, no need to shut off valve before evacuating 
* Side tube reveals the oil level in the tank with guards for protection
* Nozzle hanger included to prevent oil dripping
* Tip resistant tank for easy balance and movement
* Rugged steel tank
* Durable and beautiful finish
* Evacuation tube connects to the bottom of the tank for complete evacuation
* 4 3" swivel casters (2 with locks) provide support and easy mobility in all directions.
* Low height: 54 1/4" / Maximum height 72" 
* Evacuation hose length: 6'
* Base dimension: 20 1/2" x 20 1/2"
* Shipping weight: 80 lb. total in two packages